Parts required:

1) Paddles
2) 1 pair steering column trim (anthracite or brown)
3) Wiring harness

NOTE: When ordering, you will need to know the interior color (beige, crystal grey, teak or anthracite). Please check this information prior to ordering. Click here to purchase these items.

Tools Required:

1. T20 Torx screwdriver
2. T9 Torx screwdriver (available from Sears)
3. medium flat blade screwdriver
4. small flat blade screwdriver
5. Small wire cutters
6. VAGCOM or dealer's computer


1a) Located and remove the T20 steering column trim screws by turning the steering wheel ~ 1/4 turn to left, then ~ 1/4 turn to right.

2a) Carefully remove the steering column trim pieces loacted around the turn signal stalk and wiper stalk.

3a) Move steering column to rear most and lowest position possible. Then carefully separate the upper and lower halves of the steering column plastic cover. Lift the upper half all the way up to expose the top of the serrting column.

4a) Locate the T9 screws on top of the steering column that hold down the false paddle housings and remove the screws.

5a) Turn the steering wheel slightly to the right and located the T9 screw that holds the right false paddle housing in place. Remove the screw. Then do the same thing on the left side.

6a) Now remove the false paddle housings and put the real paddle housings in place.

7a) Replace the 4 screws that hold the paddle housings in place.

8a) Unplug the yellow plug on the back of the steering control module and slide the yoke of the paddle plug over it so it clicks in place. Then replace the yellow plug and then plug in the supplied wiring harness into the paddle plug.

9a) Reassemble the upper and lower steering column covers and slide on the new steering column trim covers.

10a) Replace the T20 screws that you removed in step 1.


1b) Remove the plastic panel from under the dash on the driver's side and route the harness down towards the front of the center console.

2b) Route the cable in front of the center console and down the right side of the center console, under the plastic on the right side. Move the seat back and then all the way forward to make this easier to get the wire under the plastic.

3b) Next move the passenger seat all the way forward and up as high as it can go. When you get to the rear of the passenger's seat,bring the harness out from behind the plastic and UNDER the passenger's seat rail. DO NOT ROUTE THE HARNESS OVER THE RAIL.

4b) Locate the transmission control module which is under the transfer case control module. If you have OnStar, the black box with the blue plug is OnStar and also must be removed. The above photo shows the two modules with the OnStar module removed. Now unplug the module's plug by sliding the lever out.

5b) Remove the plug cover by gently prying the clips on the other end of the plug.

6b) Locate pins 13 and 19, and remove the white plug from each of the holes by pushing the plugs out from the bottom with an opened paper clip. Pin 13 is the second to last in the first row shown on the bottom of the plug. Pin 19 is 8 from the right in the second row.

7b) Turn the plug over and locate the longer white plastic pin lock.

8b) Slide the longer white plastic pin lock to the left as show below.

9b) Observe and note the direction of the contacts in the plug.

10b) Insert the wire with 5 stripes into the hole for pin 13. BE SURE THAT THE CONTACT IS IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS ALL OTHER CONTACTS IN THE PLUG. Now insert the wire with 4 stripes into the hole for pin 19, also making sure the contact is in the correct direction.

11b) Reassemble the plug and plug it back into the transmission control module.


1c) 2004 - 2007 models: Recode control module 02-Auto Trans from 0004153 (or 0004136 if in Europe) to 0012328.

2008 - 2010 models: Recode control module 02-Auto Trans to 0012392.

2c) Congratulations, you have finished.

Thanks to those on the VWVortex forum who helped with this project:
Thereasis - for his VAGCOM coding info
BC - (for photos and his dirty car as my #2 victim)

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