Parts required:

1) Wood trim (available in vavona, walnut, or myrtle as shown below in that order)
2) Start button
3) Wiring harness

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Vavona, Walnut and Myrtle trim pieces, wiring harness and start button.

The color you have in your Touareg can be determined on a paper tag by the spare tire with model code information. It should have one of these three different numbers:
5MW - Myrtle (1SG)
5MG - Walnut (2WE)
5TW - Vavona (93G)

Tools Required:

1. T20 Torx screwdriver
2. small flat blade screwdriver
3. medium flat blade screwdriver
4. small pliers
5. wire cutters
6. multimeter (optional)

NOW AVAILABLE: Keyless start manual pages in English:
Manual Page 122
Manual Page 123
Manual Page 124



A) Removing plastic base/wood trim (2 piece "sandwich" top of console) from center console

1) remove center console box light by prying top out and unplugging the light from the wire.
2) remove center console box by lifting at light hole and flexible front of box at the same time.

3) remove T20 screws forward of console box.
4) slide open ashtray compartment then lift plastic and wood trim as one piece from front. Note: Photo shows wood trim around cupholder removed. This is not required.

5) slowly work plastic and wood trim off of center console from front to back. DO NOT BEND TOO MUCH - must come up as one piece. Be patient and work slowly.
6) find connector for 12V plug by following the red/grey/brown wire into foam wrap and unplug connector.

7) unplug all other wires from center console switches. Note they all have locking tabs that must be depressed to release them.

8) At this point, the entire plastic/wood trim sandwich should be free. Set it aside.

B) Installing harness in center console

1) slide cover of the ashtray into closed position.

2) The ashtray is on a track that allows it to move forward and then gradually upward. If too much force is used, the guides on the ashtray can be broken. So very gently slide entire ashtray assembly forward about 3/4" - 1".

3) at that point it should start to rise up. Lift it gently out of the track and move it over to the right a couple of inches. You need to be able to run the wire harness under the plastic bracket below the ashtray so give yourself enough room to work. With the shifter in Park, the ashtray can be moved. Just work it.

4) fish the wire harness under the plastic bracket and foam of the console so that a couple of inches are available at the location of the button and route the rest of the wire to the front driver’s side of the center console.

5) once wire is properly routed under ashtray and located as shown, replace ashtray in track.

C) Preparing to install the wire harness at the keyless module

1) Find and remove 2 x T20 screws under driver’s side dash just behind purple OBD connector above and to the right of the emergency brake.
2) Pull down front black plastic dash cover.
3) unplug lamp from black plastic dash cover.
4) find the three tabs that hold OBD port in black plastic dash cover and remove OBD port. Set black plastic dash cover aside.
5) locate the keyless module and the tabs that hold it in place. The keyless module is located above the accelerator pedal at the far right edge. Its up high so you’re going to have to lay on your back to get a good view of it.

6) move tabs aside and pull down keyless module to expose the two connectors.

7) Remove smaller oval connector from keyless module by pressing on tab and pulling.

8) Remove large connector by pulling out grey handle at top of connector and lifting connector from keyless module.

9) set keyless module aside.
10) cut black plastic tie wrap from top of large connector with wire cutters.
11) squeeze body of the connector’s wire covering and remove it from the connector.

12) slide out long purple locking pin.

13) from other side of connector, slide out short purple locking pin.

14) lift off the purple dividing piece from between the wires.

15) gently pull the wiring blocks out of the connector body.

D) Wiring the keyless module’s connector

Wire Key
Module Color Button Plug
31 Red 3
36 Yellow 6
39 Blue 9
50 Green 8
56 White 1

1) Take the black wire block in your hand and starting from the green wire on the right side as #25, find the empty space at location #31.

2) Insert the red wire from the wiring harness through the maroon colored rubber wire holder so that the end of the wire is all the way into the plug as in the photo. Press the wire in firmly along the entire length of its travel through the wire block with a small screwdriver. You need to get the wire block’s teeth to cut through the wire jacket and touch the metal teeth.

3) Locate #36 and insert the yellow wire there in the same way as noted above.
4) Locate #39 and insert the blue wire there in the same way as noted above.
5) Now take the white wire block in your hand. Starting with the first two empty locations as #44 and #45, count up to the empty location #50 and insert the green wire in the same way as you did above.
6) Finally, count to location #56 and insert the white wire as above.


To test your connections before you reassemble the plug, take a multimeter and check for continuity between the connector contact and the button contacts. Use a small pin in the button connector pin holes and check the keyless module plug at the contact site just below the wire. Check all wires, including the ground wire.

7) Once you are sure you have good contacts with all wires, reassemble the plug, replacing all purple pieces in reverse order that they were removed. Be sure they go all the way in or the plug will not fit correctly.

8) Replace the plug cover on the back side of the plug, making sure that all the wires, old and new are contained within the cover. Use some electrical tape to tape the wires to the back side of the cover similar to the way the tie wrap was installed.

E) Installing the ground wire

1) There is a brown ground wire very close to the keyless module location. Locate this wire.
2) The ground wire from the new wire harness is supplied with a slide tap. Use the slide tap to tap into the ground wire.

F) Reinstalling the keyless module

1) Plug in the two plugs back into the keyless module, making sure to slide the large plug’s lever closed.
2) push the keyless module back into position and lock it in place into the locking clips.


A) Wood Trim

1) The wood trim is held on to the plastic base with metal clips. I have found that if you use a small pair of pliers to squeeze the metal tabs from the bottom, they allow the wood trim to separate from the plastic base easily. Carefully separate the large piece of wood trim from the plastic base.

2) Next remove the chrome trim on the wood piece.

3) Now remove the steel portion of the lighter plug by pressing a small screwdriver in the two orange tabs inside the lighter plug, one at a time, and applying pressure to gently force it out.

4) Then remove the orange plastic portion of the lighter plug by releasing the two tabs on the plastic under the wood and turning the plug. Gently work this plastic piece out of the wood trim.

5) now take the new wood trim and install the orange plastic in the exact reverse why you just removed it from the old wood trim.
6) Install the metal sleeve of the lighter plug
7) Install the chrome trim on the wood - note it can only go on one way and it must be started in one end only.
8) now press the new wood trim onto the plastic base, make sure all metal clips lock into position firmly.
9) Put start button in place on the underside of the plastic base and screw in place using the three supplied #8 x 1/2” screws.

10) Place completed wood trim on top of console, plug in all wires and plugs starting with the new start button wire harness. DO NOT install the base piece yet.
11) Once all plugs and wires are connected and keyless module is in place under the dash, bring the key into the car and test to see the button starts the car. NOTE: You must apply the brake when you try to start the car with the keyless button. If the car does not start with the button, check to see if the car starts with the key. Then stop engine, remove key from ignition and try the button again. If it still doesn’t start then one of your wires may not have seated properly in the keyless module. You will need to take this back out again and check continuity again.
12) If car starts properly, then press wood trim/base plate into position and replace T20 screws in console box, then replace box and box light.
13) Now replace the under dash plastic cover (make sure you plug in the light and put back the OBD port) and screw back in the T20 screws.
14) Congratulations, you have finished.

Safety note:

Be sure you never leave the car unattended with the key in the car and children in the car. Despite the brake pedal safety interlock, anyone can now start the car if they touch the button and the brake at the same time.the button and the brake at the same time.

Thanks to those on the VWVortex forum who helped with this project and pioneered it:
Juaser - the deamer
orttaug - the pioneer
meatster - the meat
BC - (for photos and his dirty car as my #2 victim)
and the guys on the Touareg-Freunde forum who gave me the part number of the wood trim with 3 holes.

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